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What Makes Us Unique

Bluetooth Low Energy

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, Luvabuzza works flawlessly even in closed rooms, enabling you to find potential matches in your immediate vicinity. Whether you're at a nightclub, hotel lobby, concert hall, or anywhere else, all potential contacts will be listed within seconds in the Luvabuzza gallery, so you can start chatting right away and get in touch!

The Luvbuzz

And with the Luvbuzz, your personal 24/7 flirt radar, you'll instantly know when someone new is nearby. The Luvbuzz function is based on BLE, which won't drain your phone's battery. You can always keep your flirt-radar on and never miss a chance to meet someone new. Once the Luvbuzz detects a new contact, it will alert you through vibration or sound, making it easy for you to reach out immediately, using the built-in chat feature!

Stealth Mode

But what if you prefer to be a bit more discreet? That's where the Luvabuzza Stealth mode comes in. When you activate Stealth mode, you can still scan your surroundings for new contacts, but other users won't be able to see you. You can remain anonymous until you find someone you want to connect with.

We all know that love is out there waiting for us; with Luvabuzza, it has never been easier to find love spontaneously, following the flow of your life, with new opportunities every day, no matter where you are! No one falls in love by choice, it’s by chance!

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At Luvabuzza, we believe that missed opportunities won't come back. If you're not on our app, you might miss out on your perfect partner, and vice versa, you cannot be found. That's why we've made it effortless for you to download our app from the app stores. Simply click the links on our website, and you can start finding matches today. Don't let love pass you by. Join Luvabuzza and start meeting new people near you. With our unique features, you'll never miss a chance to connect with someone special. "Give Luvabuzza a try today and discover a whole new world of dating possibilities!"

Dieter Hecht, Founder & CEO

Luvabuzza is a brand owned by AG, c/o Arnold Legal AG, Gotthardstr. 3, CH 6300 Zug, Switzerland. Luvabuzza was developed over the course of two years to provide a revolutionary user experience while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

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